Business Results

Our flexible tubes are used in various fields where safety and security are required such as rocket related, vehicles, ships, iron manufacturing, plant facilities, water pipes and gas pipes of buildings and houses, air conditioning equipment, and bridge. TOFLE’s products support people’s lives at inconspicuous parts.
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  • Rocket related

    Rocket related
  • Vehicles

  • Ships

  • Iron manufacturing

    Iron manufacturing
  • Plant facilities

    Plant facilities
  • Water pipes and gas pipes of buildings and houses

    Water pipes and gas pipes of buildings and houses
  • Air conditioning equipment

    Air conditioning equipment
  • Bridge


Major Customers

Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Co.,Ltd. / Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. / Kobe Steel, Ltd. / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. / Ube Industries, Ltd. / Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. / Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. / NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION / JGC JAPAN CORPORATION

Product information

We are expanding the lineups of our products and providing the products for various fields and purposes.

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