Managements Philosophy

  • Management for
    a prosperous coexistence

  • Reliance and trust are
    the true profit

  • Management focusing on
    the environment

Make customer satisfaction the highest priority and prosper together with them.
That is where trust is created.
Constantly hold an awareness as doctors and eliminate customers’ worries.
Aim to be not a general hospital, but a general flexible tube manufacturer.

Policy for Our Quality Environment

As a general flexible tube manufacturer that aims to lead the world in quality and technical capability, we will expand the boundaries of quality and technical ability with harmony between all our employees and in accordance with our company philosophy. We will respond flexibly and precisely to all requirements from customers and society, provide safe and secure products and services with consistent quality that are harmonized with the environment, and contribute to society’s development as well as the improvement of our region and the world.
We will focus the realization of our quality and environmental management on the activities below:

  1. We will actively conduct verification-type company activities; the research, development, production, and sales for our activities, products, and services will be harmonized with the quality environment.
  2. As we work to improve the added value of our products and services as well as to prevent environmental pollution, we will aim for continuous improvement of our quality environment management systems.
  3. We will clarify and follow requirements from laws and regulations relating to products and services as well as duties to be performed related to the environment.
  4. All employees will have the following as their foundation for action:

    1. Provision of correct information
    2. Sharing and visualization of information
    3. Comprehensive reporting, contacting, consultation and confirmation
    4. Improvement of information transmission abilities
    5. Improved conversation abilities
  5. We will aim to raise all employees’ understanding and awareness of the policy for our quality environment.
  • Policy for Our Quality Environment image

  • Policy for Our Quality Environment image

  • Policy for Our Quality Environment image

  • Policy for Our Quality Environment image