Supporting the spread of Japanese
craftsmanship into the world
TOFLE Group, continually evolving.

Since our company’s establishment, we’ve taken pride in the trust and reliance our customers have had in us, and we’ve worked on our craftsmanship with customer satisfaction always as the highest priority.

Craftsmanship comes from crafting talent. At our company, to pass down our high-grade manufacturing techniques, we’ve established our own unique certification system, working hard on cultivating human resources and passing down our techniques.
We will continue to constantly pour effort into providing high-grade technology and human resource cultivation with a global awareness.

Going forward, we will continue to evolve, aiming to be a full-service flexible tube manufacturer that makes high-quality advanced technology a reality, conducts craftsmanship harmonized with the environment, links together all sorts of possibilities worldwide, and connects to the hopes of the future.

President & CEO